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About CMC

Want to know why medical care has gotten so expensive? The answer lies in you and your buying patterns. Can you imagine buying a TV or new car without asking how much it cost and what features come with it? Over the past two decades insurance companies, regulations and consumer trends have created a marketplace where we as patients don’t really know what we are buying or how much it cost.


Where To Start? Understanding all the pieces of the health care marketplace is daunting and confusing even to trained experts. Comparing apples to apples on pricing is difficult.  Without all the pertinent  information how can you be expected to make health care decisions that best fits your family and your pocket book?  The more confusing the process the more reliant you are on the wishes of insurance companies and bureaucratic government regulations.  An informed consumer, in a price transparent market, can bend the cost curve on health care costs almost overnight. That’s were CashMedicalCare comes in.  We have the expertise, buying power and platform to truly bring medical costs under control. We control cost with helping you answer a simple question….. “How much is this going to cost?”

Today in America, there are over 7,000  CPT billing and diagnostic codes (next year under IDC-10 it jumps to 70,000!).  How are you supposed to understand what they mean, how these codes translate into what you actually need?  We at CashMedicalCare navigate the process and make sure you are getting the best care for the best price.

The good news is we are not alone in calling for price transparency. CashMedicalCare works to put this information at your fingertips.  There are many examples of free market principals changing the way health care is delivered in America. To best navigate this, visit our Media/Resources Page to learn more.

How CashMedicalCare Can Revolutionize Health Care

Just like Priceline.com, Kayak.com and Hotwire.com have revolutionized the hotel booking business, and a site like GolfNow.com has found a new way for consumers to book a day of golf at the best price CashMedicalCare can accomplish the same buying power.  Direct to consumer marketing sites like GroupOn, Ebay and Craigslist put buyers and sellers directly together by putting pricing and availability at the fingertips of the consumer.  All of these sites cut out the middle men. Pricing apps and online platforms like GoogleShopping, Amazon Price Check, ShopSavvy,  PriceGrabber.com allow you to check a store’s price right from the isles in the store you are visiting. With that type of pricing information at your fingertips you can decide in an instant how you are going to spend your hard earned dollars.  Why wouldn’t these same principals work in health care?

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Who’s Behind CashMedicalCare CashMedicalCare.com was founded in Arizona by a serial entrepreneur and an executive in a medical practice.

At this time our services are only available in Phoenix and Tucson. There are plans to offer this service in other markets around the United States soon, including  Denver, Austin, Dallas, Albuquerque and Salt Lake City.

The idea behind CashMedicalCare  came from a real world experience. Our founder had an MRI prescribed for a routine neurological exam on his son. His family, like millions of others in America had a high deductible plan. Before his insurance kicked in  his plan called for the first $4000 to be covered out of pocket.    The ordering Neurologist  offered an MRI at there in office x-ray facility but his health insurance carrier sent him to a local hospital for the test.  NO ONE talked about how much the test would cost. With a few phone calls, our founder, who is in the medical business, learned that the hospital charged $1450 for the MRI, the Neurologist practice charged $1000 for their MRI and a service with the same quality and technology at an independent testing facility charged $500.

What is the difference between these three options – other than an extra $1000 out of your pocket? NOTHING! With such large swings in price, and all things being equal , what he learned is that the consumer is in the dark on pricing and is the loser in today’s health care marketplace.

CashMedicalCare does the homework for you. Think of this service as Priceline for medical services. We match consumers with medical services at MARKET DRIVEN PRICES, not artificially confusing costs that just about no one can explain.