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Cosmetic Dentistry

By admin | In blog | on October 16, 2013

Want a perfect smile but don’t want to go through braces at your age? Do your pearly whites not look so bright anymore? Whether you want to improve dental imperfections for one or several of your teeth, this is easily achieved with dental veneers. Many times veneers can take the place of a long uncomfortable application of braces.

Veneers are a minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that can totally alter your appearance. There are other more drastic options that involve replacing or crowning teeth, but changing the shape of otherwise healthy teeth with dental veneers is an ideal option.

Crown Price Matrix

A consultation with the cosmetic dentist will provide all the information needed to make a decision whether to pursue veneers or another choice. Coupled with gum surgery you can lengthen and extend the appearance of your teeth.

Veneers are ultra-thin tooth colored shells that are affixed to the outside of teeth requiring repair.   Veneers are created from an impression taken in your cosmetic dentist’s office. Your custom veneer is then cemented directly onto your tooth. Veneers won’t stain making them a very popular solution for people seeking that strong white smile. Strong and very durable veneers can last from ten to fifteen years with regular check ups.

Unlike Porcelain Crowns very little tooth body is removed in the preparation for Veneers. There are certain situations where preparing veneers will require more tooth body than normal and this can increase the risk of trauma to the tooth. The amount of tooth to be removed for the veneers should always be discussed with your cosmetic dentist beforehand.

Veneers are an excellent option for:

Chipped teeth – If bonding is not a suitable resolution, veneers can be fabricated. The chipped teeth actually are strengthened after the veneers have been cemented in place. With new bonding techniques these veneers can be stronger than your actual teeth.

 Worn down enamel  due to gum recession –

Spaces between teeth – Unwanted gaps appear to close when veneers are placed.

Stained or discolored teeth – Patients that are not suitable candidates for teeth whitening may benefit with altering teeth color through dental veneers.

After your consultation, the cosmetic dentist will utilize a dental lab that will fabricate the veneers to match the contour and color of surrounding teeth making treatment virtually undetectable.

Teeth to be treated will be prepared for veneers by removing a small layer of dental enamel and etching the surface to aid in adhering the veneer to the tooth. This takes place after the veneers are tested to make sure they fit and appear perfect.

Gum Lift / Crown Lengthening 

Excessive gum and short teeth can often be corrected by undertaking crown lengthening. The procedure involves adjusting the gum line around the teeth. This delicate and precise surgery can result in a much fuller smile.

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