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Reduce Costs – Cover Employees

Satisfy Mandates

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If you are an employer in America today navigating the health care market place and providing health benefits to your employees is a moving target. Obamacare mandates and a highly regulated private insurance market place are making it difficult to provide affordable options to your staff.

Here’s what you can expect over the next few years:

  2. RAISE DEDUCTIBLES to keep insurance costs affordable
  3. Moving EMPLOYEES TOWARD PURCHASERS of health care in a confusing market place.
  4. Pressure to HIRE and RETAIN good employees with benefit packages including health care.
  5. PUSH and PULL between saving money and providing for your employees will get tougher and tougher in the coming years.

iStock_000016604149SmallWe know that your goal is to run your business and make a profit, being in the health care management business is an unnecessary distraction.

CashMedicalCare.com is an important tool to ensure your employees have quality care and you health care spending is kept under control.

With costs rising there is a trend towards higher deductible plans and shifting more cost to your employees.

Rising deductibles put your employees into a market place to buy their health care services that is difficult to navigate and without clear, understandable pricing.

CashMedicalCare.com can be an important tool to provide your employees with search-able prices for their health care needs.  Affordable basic care options will keep your companies utilization costs down. Keeping your groups health care usage down ultimately leads to  into lower future premium costs.

If your company is not managing your employees health care usage and encouraging healthy habits get ready for ever increasing health premiums.

Increased deductibles are here to stay, CashMedicalCare.com can help you and your employees get the best value for the  money.

Learn more about how your Company can use CashMedicalCare.com to empower your employees, lower premiums and controls costs at our EMPLOYER FAQ page.


Contact us at info@cashmedicalcare.com for details on how we can help your business.