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Mexico Medical/Dental FAQ

 How does the Mexico dentist service work?

The dental services in Mexico are very similar to those you’ll find in the US.  We work with a select group of Mexico dental practices that have demonstrated exceptional quality dental care over a long period of time.  Our affiliated dentists understand that repeat clients are critical to their future success with CashMedicalCare.  Our dental providers are located right near the US border which allows for parking on the American side of the line and walking a few blocks for your care.  Our affiliated practices have English speaking staff and an American based phone number.

Our dentists can handle all types services from;

–          Root Canals

–          Crowns

–          Titanium Posts

–          Dentures

–          Oral Surgery

–          Gum Surgery

–          Cleanings and Cavities

–          Orthodontics and braces

–          Cosmetic Dentistry

Should an issue arise with your dental work, just like in America, your dentist will do everything in their power to ensure you are completely satisfied with their work. Our Mexican based dental practice has been in business for over 50 years and is second generation brothers that own and operate the practice. CashMedicalCare.com would love to hear about your experience so we can ensure our vendors are delivering the top quality care at a fair price. Send your feedback to support@cashmedicalcare.com.

What about security in Mexico?

Mexico Dental quoteWhen you visit a dentist in Mexico you are visiting a foreign country.  To learn more about the ins and outs of travel into Mexico visit WikiTravel.  When traveling to Nogales Mexico to visit our dental partners, we recommend you park on the American side of the border and walk the 4 blocks to see our dentist. From the border crossing into Mexico you will find restaurants, hotels and shopping all along your walking path. The majorities of the locals speaks English and are more than happy that you are in their country. You are a major source of income in Mexico and they go out of their way to make you feel welcome.  For a firsthand experience of what to expect from parking to crossing, read THIS article or this piece from the NY Times.

The documents needed to return to America are a valid US Passport.

U.S. citizens:


A passport is hands-down the best form of identification and proof of citizenship. I recommend that you get a passport for travel to Mexico, and if you’ll be entering the country by air, it’s necessary. If for some reason you are unable or you do not want to get a passport, for travel to Mexico by land or sea the following documents are acceptable travel documents for US citizens:

Passport card

 Issued by the U.S. Department of State, this passport substitute is credit-card sized and valid for entry into Mexico by land or sea. The passport card is not accepted for air travel. Read more about passport cards, and find out how to apply for one.

Enhanced Drivers License

 Enhanced Drivers Licenses are proof of citizenship and identity. These special drivers licenses are valid for travel to Mexico by land or sea, but are not valid for air travel. Only available in some states (Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Washington). See individual state licensing departments for more info. The Customs and Border Protection (CBP) may accept a valid drivers license from other States but there may be a delay and further scrutiny put on you if you travel just with a drivers license.


 The SENTRI Card is issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to pre-approved travelers who cross the U.S./Mexico border frequently. It has the added benefit of access to dedicated commuter lanes for crossing the border. The card is valid for 5 years.

FAST card

 The FAST card provides expedited travel to pre-approved commercial truck drivers between the U.S. and Canada, and U.S. and Mexico borders through dedicated lanes.

U.S. Permanent Residents:

 For permanent residents of the United States, the I-551 Permanent Resident card is required for return to the U.S. For entry into Mexico, you will need to present a passport.

Canadian citizens:

 As of March 1, 2010, a passport is required for Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico.

Citizens of other countries:

 Passport, and in some cases, a visa as well.

What about a drivers license or birth certificate, will that allow me to return through US Customs?

From the Nogales International – Nov. 2010. The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), which went into effect in June 2009, requires all U.S. citizens to present a passport, passport card, enhanced driver’s license or tribal card, or a trusted traveler document such as a SENTRI card to get back into the country. But Nogales residents know it’s not unusual to see people like Castillo using a birth certificate to re-enter the country at local border crossings.

“Birth certificates are not WHTI-approved documents,” CBP spokesman Brian Levin said. “There are certain security features that have to be there – RFID (radio frequency identification) chip and machine-readable strip.”

Even so, he added, “That’s not to say that we’re going to turn somebody away if they have a birth certificate.”

Travelers who don’t have one of the WHTI-approved documents can use a birth certificate in combination with a government-issued photo ID to gain entry, Levin said. If they have only one or the other, or no identification, they won’t be denied entry to the country, but their crossing will be delayed until they can prove their citizenship.

In that case, the person would be sent for further inspection to figure out what means they had to prove their citizenship. Sometimes people call home and get a friend or relative to bring their passport down to the port of entry. Other times a friend or relative might fax a copy of their passport or other identification to CBP to help substantiate their citizenship.

Juveniles under age 16 don’t need a passport, Levin said – just a birth certificate or state-issued photo identification, ideally both.

“We’re not going to refuse entry to a U.S. citizen, but if they don’t have one of those documents they have to have something else, they’re going to have to find some way to prove to us they’re a U.S. citizen,” Levin said. “We’re going to be looking for something else to prove who you are…Your travel could very well be delayed while you prove it.”

How do I go about booking my Mexican dental appointment?

Simply request a service here on our web site. We will provide you with a number to call to schedule your visit. With your request we will give you a detailed map with border to front door directions to your dentist. We also provide a guide that can meet you at the border to escort you to the office.  We are working to arrange bus tours leaving out of Tucson. If you are interested in that service contact us and we will fill you in on the details.

I live in Mexico and need American Medical Care….how does CashMedicalCare work for me?

More HERE on the details of our services for Mexican Nationals.

America has the top medical technologies and some of the highest skilled medical professionals in the entire world.  For years Mexican citizens have traveled to America for surgeries and procedures that may not be readily available in their country.

Typically these medical tourism visits involve paying full price for all the services requested. Pricing in American healthcare is very confusing and the actual price a hospital or doctor bills is much much more than what could be negotiated.

CashMedicalCare.com offers a few options for Mexican citizens that are looking for American medical services;

–          Scheduled consults with one or more providers or hospital who. From Oncology to Nuerology to Orthopedics and Cardiology. We set up consults with the top doctors and the top hospital networks in the areas we service.

–          Interpreter services with specially trained medical based interpreters

–          Fair pricing.  American health billing rates vary widely between cash pricing, insurance reimbursements and Medicare and Medicaid pricing. CashMedicalCare.com helps ensure you are paying a fair price for your care.

–          We arrange luxury recovery accommodations at resorts or hotels near you’re your hospital or surgery center.  Keeping your family close during your medical visits is an important part of your recovery.

–          Post operative care in local hospitals. When you schedule a surgery there is typically a period of time dedicated to your recovery in a local hospital. These hospitals have private rooms and extra amenities to make your stay comfortable. We help with all those arrangements.

–          We help plan for the full range of  services needed for your procedure. We bring together a team of professionals from anesthesia to surgery technicians to technical staff and equipment needed for your care.

–          Pharmacy discounts and special pricing as needed. This can be especially helpful for expensive cancer medications.

These bundles are negotiated and packaged to give you the highest quality, most comfort and best pricing available.  We know the process, the questions to ask and act on your behalf to ensure the best quality and value for your money.