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Gum Disease & Periodontics

By admin | In Uncategorized | on November 11, 2013

Periodontics – Gum Disease

Getting regular teeth cleanings and daily maintenance with brushing and flossing can help fight gum disease. Periodontal disease attacks the gums and the bone that support the teeth. Plaque is a film of food debris, bacteria, and saliva. If plaque is not removed, it turns into thicker (tartar). When plaque and tartar are not removed, they begin to destroy the gums and bone. Periodontal symptoms include, swollen, and bleeding gums.

Buy NowFour out of five people have periodontal disease and don’t know it. Most people are not aware of it because the disease is usually painless in the early stages.

Not only is it the number one reason for tooth loss, research suggests that there may be a link between periodontal disease and other diseases such as, stroke, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and bacterial pneumonia.

  • Signs and symptoms of periodontal disease:
  • Bleeding gums – Gums should never bleed, even when you brush vigorously or use dental floss.
  • Tenderness or Discomfort – Plaque, calculus, and bacteria irritate the gums and teeth.
  • Loose teeth – Also caused by bone loss or weakened periodontal fibers (fibers that support the tooth to the bone).
  • Persistent bad breath – Caused by bacteria in the mouth.
  • Receding gums – Loss of gum around a tooth.
  • Red and puffy gums – Gums should never be red or swollen.

Periodontal disease is diagnosed by your dentist or dental hygienist during a periodontal examination. This type of exam should always be part of your regular dental check-up, recommended every 6 months.

A small dental instrument is used to measure the pocket of space between the tooth and the gums. The depth of a healthy pocket measures three millimeters or less and does not bleed. The probe helps indicate if pockets are deeper than three millimeters. As periodontal disease progresses, the pockets usually get deeper.Buy Now

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