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Mexico Nationals & American Surgery

By admin | In News | on November 16, 2013

What is Medical Tourism?

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America is the world leader in medical technology and highly skilled medical professionals. CashMedicalCare helps foreign nationals, especially Mexican Nationals with all aspects of their American medical care.

The pricing structure of medicine in America is very complicated. There are huge swings between an amount billed per procedure or surgery and what private insurance companies or the Federal Government negotiates for the same procedures. As an example

Denver Post – 5/8/2013
For major joint replacement, Medicare allows about $13,000 to $20,000, depending on the region and some allowances for patient mix. The retail price at Sky Ridge Medical Center in Lone Tree, which is owned by the for-profit chain HCA-HealthONE, is $84,000.

Example St. Joseph Hospital also charges about $84,000 for that same joint replacement. By comparison, Denver Health charges about $46,000 for the procedure, and Delta County Memorial Hospital charges only $32,000 to full-paying customers.
The national average charge for that service is $50,000.
For general chest pain treatment, Medicare pays $3,000 to $5,000. Littleton Adventist Hospital, part of the Centura system, charges $31,000, and Exempla St. Joseph, $30,000.
Denver Health charges about $13,000, and Montrose Memorial Hospital in western Colorado charges only $8,000.
Averaging the charges in the 100 diagnostic categories analyzed by Medicare, Littleton Adventist chargemaster prices are the highest at 682 percent of what Medicare allows.

So in America almost no one pays the Chargemaster inflated pricing. CashMedicalCare can help you pre arrange all the details of your care including negotiating a better price than you could receive on your own.

How CashMedicalCare can help.

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CashMedicalCare.com is in a unique position to help foreign nationals looking for superior medical care in the United States. Navigating the multiple levels of the medical industry in America is complex and takes a tremendous amount of experience and contacts with hospitals, surgeons and medical specialties.

If you live outside the US and wish to work with CashMedicalCare to help with all the aspects of your care including;

Medical Specialists
Anesthesia services
Surgery centers
Post surgery rehabilitation
Family lodging

America is on the forefront of medical technology, cutting edge procedures and highly trained medical professionals. When only the best will do America is where the world turns for the latest in medical care. Some of the most requested areas of medicine foreign nationals come to America include:

Orthopedics (hip, knee, shoulder)
Plastic Surgery

What are the Cost Savings?

The cost savings can be from 20% t0 90%. A typical procedure will involve multiple elements, contact us to discuss the details.

How does the immigration process handle medical visits to America?

US laws require that most prospective patients obtain a visa to enter the country. In order for a medical visa to be issued, a patient must show proof of acceptance for evaluation at a treatment facility and evidence that they have compelling personal or business ties to their homeland that will guarantee their return, and have the financial capacity to cover their care.

When is payment required for my procedure?
Hospitals, surgeons and anesthesiology typically require a guarantee of payment before accepting any uninsured patient for evaluation for treatment. Commonly a deposit of one-third to one-half the estimated total amount must be paid up-front.

Mexicans seeking plastic surgery in Arizona 9/20/2010

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Latinos comprise the fastest-growing segment of the population having plastic surgery. In 2009, 12 percent of plastic surgery procedures performed in the U.S. were on people who identified themselves as Hispanic, up from 8.9 percent in 2009.

The society reports 22 percent of the procedures are performed on people who identify themselves as “ethnic,” or not Caucasian.

“We have seen that effect here as that population continues to grow, despite the political climate,” Shapiro said.

Dr. Ramon Angel Robles, founder of the Arizona Plastic Surgery Institute in Glendale, said Hispanics represent 60 percent of his patients, with about half of them coming from Mexico.

“I haven’t seen a big drop in the number of patients coming over here. They still want to come over and have surgery done by American plastic surgeons,” he said. “These are patients who are wealthy and have a good life in Mexico. They don’t need to stay here.”


Call it top-notch health care à la carte.

Looking for additional revenue, many U.S. health clinics and hospitals are seeking to expand their customer base by marketing to international clients.

The Mayo Clinic and Cancer Treatment Centers of America are among those seeking to cater to foreign patients by offering everything from care in their own language to foods familiar to their culture.

International patients say they are drawn to U.S. health care by its innovative and progressive approach. They feel more reassured in coming here that they’re getting the best care in the world.

Even patients in countries like Mexico, where there is a free, government-provided health care system, say they are willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars to come to the U.S. because doctors here have access to better technology and research. And they give patients a choice in deciding what treatment plan to pursue.

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