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Mexico or America for Dental Services

By admin | In Uncategorized | on November 11, 2013

American Dentistry (In Arizona…for now)

Arizona has 100’s of dentists, orthodontist and endodontists that are looking for your business. A spot on their schedule is just like an empty airline seat or an unbooked hotel room. If our dentists and dental specialists can fill their open spot at a discount they can still make their practice work and you benefit by better than normal pricing on dental care.

Buy NowIf you are in pain and need immediate attention let us know, we may be able to help. Tell us what you are looking for and we’ll match you with a high quality, great value dentist right in your back yard.

If you are in Tucson, Phoenix – Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Oro Valley, Marana, Green Valley or most other communities in Arizona we have empty dental chair waiting for you.  Here’s a list of dental professionals and specialists we work with;

Periodontics~ specializes in gums
Pedodontics~ specializes in children
Orthodontics~ specializes in braces
Prosthodontics~ specializes in replacing teeth
Endodontics~ specializes in root canals
Oral-Maxillofacial Surgery~ specializes in surgery
Oral-Maxillofacial Radiology~ specializes in xrays
Dental Public Health~ specializes in the dental community, the community is the patient rather than the individual.
Oral Pathology~ specializes in the nature of diseases

Mexico Dentistry In Nogales, Mexico

Depending on where you live, we offer a great option that may cut your dental costs by up to 75%. CashMedicalCare.com has put together special pricing with dentists in Nogales, Mexico. We’ve done the leg work, vetted the dental options and have been sending clients and or using these dental services for the past decade.  

Take a brief video tour of their practice.

Nogales, Mexico is about a 50 minute drive from Tucson and just short of 3 hours from Phoenix. You can drive down to the border, park on the American side and walk the short 4 blocks across the line to get all your dental work done.  Our Dentist works with other specialists in the Nogales market to truly give you one stop shopping for all your dental needs.  From cleaning, to dentures, crowns and posts or full service orthodontics and braces, we can take care of it all for you. There are bus tour options and guided tours available to take you from Tucson directly to your Dentist chair.Buy Now

Mexico Dentist NogalesOur Mexican dentists are fully trained and have years of experience in the dental profession. Depending on your procedure, most services can be handled in the same location. Our preferred vendor is a second generation family Dentistry with over 53 years of experience serving Arizonans and other Americans. The staff speaks English has an local phone contact and is about 4 blocks from the US Border. Take a video tour of our partners clinic.

If you have been putting off your dental care because of money, Mexico can be an exceptional option.  Here’s a list of some sample pricing;


NY Times On Mexico Dentistry



Composite Fillings

Onlays & Inlays

Zirconia Crowns

PFM Crowns


Partial dentures

Complete dentures

Dental implants supporting conecting bar


Hybrid Dentures

Implant Bridges

Laser Assisted teeth cleaning, in Mexico.

General Dentistry
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Resources and Articles

More Fun Than Root Canals? It’s the Dental Vacation

VIVA MEXICO Tyler Gates at a dental clinic in Mexico.

By Camille Sweeney February 7, 2008

Roughly half a million Americans sought medical care abroad in 2006, of which 40 percent were dental tourists, according to the National Coalition on Health Care, an alliance of more than 70 organizations. That’s up from an estimated 150,000 in 2004, said Renee-Marie Stephano, the chief operating officer for the Medical Tourism Association, a nonprofit organization that researches global health care.

To allay new customers’ fears, many dentists abroad, some of whom have trained in the United States and use the same equipment as American dentists, rely heavily on word of mouth from satisfied customers. Their Web sites include testimonials, and stateside references are provided.

$1,000 For a Dental Crown? Maybe You Should Shop Around – Forbes 5/27/2011

The one place I have seen dentistry price-driven is in the dentist-filled towns in Mexico, just south of the U.S. border, where snowbirds flock to have budget work done. Perhaps a little more open competition through this site or another like it will bring prices down to the point that these dental tourists return to shopping locally.


The Country Just Over The Fence – NYT 2/23/12

“There have always been inexpensive dentists in Nogales, but the combination of rising health costs in the United States (and the fact that many retiree health plans don’t include dental) along with the availability of cheap real estate in Nogales has created a dentistry boom here, which is expanding to include spa and other services as well.

At Laser Tech over on Obregon Street, Dr. Francisco Vazquez enlarged his dental practice a year ago to include a dermatology unit, and his wife (and mother of three), Martha Gonzales, opened a spa with treatments that included not only massage and steam baths but also “ancient rituals” inspired by the Aztecs, and for good measure hired Dr. Angel Minjares, whose specialties are theology and psychology, for “assessments.”

Their businesses are among the approximately 60 dental “wellness” practices here, mainly concentrated in a three-block area all within easy walking distance from the border gate. Most of the patients are American retirees nipping over for the day from Tucson or nearby Green Valley.”

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