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Medical – Dental Provider Learn More

By admin | In Uncategorized | on November 22, 2013


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CashMedicalCare.com can help your practice by putting you and your patient back in control of health care decisions.

We can help you:

–          You set the rates for you time or service

–          Cut the administrative hassles.

–          Payment in FULL before your service

Finding new patients is the hardest part of building a practice.  Rather than spending to advertise on all types of different media outlets from radio, TV, social media, print and outdoor, why not just pay for new clients being booked on to you schedule. New clients that pay cash up front.

You Dont Pay UntilWhy Should I Join Cashmedicalcare.com?

Dental, Plastic Surgeons,  Imaging, medical testing providers  and facilities are looking for ways to attract more customers. The overhead and costs of running a practice are growing exponentially.   In particular, independent imaging and surgery centers, which are often more reasonably priced and provide high quality, are loosing volume due to primary care consolidation into large hospitals or other health systems. CashMedicalCare.com helps testing facilities, surgeons, dentist and providers compete for more volume.

Here’s how: We put your pricing information in front of consumers that need a service you provide. We connect your service to clients and allow them to follow up with you and make an informed medical/dental decisions.  We make the introduction and clients analyze your quality proposition, your customer service experience, convenience as well as price.   You set the price and can change your offer any time. Remember, the better the price you offer the better the chances you fill open times in your schedule.By using CashMedicalCare.com to fill your practice, we help you reduce your cost of managing accounts receivable, including bad debt, by sending you only CASH paying clients.

All we ask is that you charge a fair, or ‘best’ price for your services. We do not tell you what to charge and we do not mandate a discount – You set your fair price based on what you need to run your practice.

Do the math to find your practices TRUE cost of billing and collections.

Start with all the administration costs including:

  • medical billing,
  • insurance company pre-authorizations
  • layers on top of layers of work you have to complete
  • chart audits
  • billing code errors
  • claims that are kicked back

Cancel At Any TimeThink of all the extra steps you take each day just to deliver care to your patients. We know you will find that  contracting directly with your patients can save them money and you major headaches.

As a provider, you may have between 20% and 50% off a patient visit wrapped up in unnecessary administration costs.  With CashMedicalCare.com there are no insurance claim forms, no limits on visits or services leaving you and your patient with more time for quality care.

Bring the joy back into the your practice.

Visit the Provider -Frequently Asked Questions section for more information.



We are putting you and the patient back at the center of care!

Join our movement TODAY!

  • CashMedicalCare.com is not responsible for medical services, dental services, products or credentials of any CashMedicalCare.com providers.
  • CashMedicalCare.com is not an insurance company and does not manage medical care. We simply put you in touch with patients that want your services.
  • CashMedicalCare.com is a free market based program that does not regulate, control or dictate the fees that our provider members charge.



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