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Tooth Extraction

By admin | In Uncategorized | on November 11, 2013


When you have a tooth or multiple teeth that have become infected beyond repair, you will most likely need to have them extracted. Some symptoms that may alert you to a problem are pain, swelling, a loose tooth or teeth and cyst formations. Now, these symptoms do not always indicate that a tooth needs to be extracted, but they do necessitate you calling your dental office to be seen in a timely manner.

Buy NowInfection is not the only reason teeth may need to be removed. Third molars, or “wisdom teeth,” are the last of your 32 teeth to erupt. If they are aligned properly and the gum tissue is healthy, you may be able to keep your wisdom teeth. Many times, however, these teeth are positioned sideways, they are trapped beneath the gum and bone, or there simply is not enough room for them to come in. These issues may affect surrounding teeth and cause unwanted movement. Having these third molars removed early will prevent future problems from happening.

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