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Book An MRI Scan

Book An MRI Scan

MRI cost range from $500 to $3500 depending on how the procedure is performed (knee, brain, shoulder etc), and who performs the MRI. Typically hospitals are the most expensive and stand alone facilities are the least. MRI’s are read by Radiologists and can be conducted in Open or Closed machines. We offer both and a 1.5 or 3 Tesla power rating for extra detailed images.


HealthCareBlueBook.com suggest a Brain scan MRI (with and without Contrast) would have a fair price of $815.

What Should It Include:  MRI costs are broken down into two areas but when CashMedicalCare.com quotes a price it includes both components. The two areas are:

  • Technical Fees – this is the actual machine usage, technician assistance to set you up in the MRI machine and to administer the test.
  • Professional Fees: these are the fees for having a Radiologist interpret the results.

Your MRI can be done in one appointment and usually takes under an hour. Your results will be provided electronically (in most cases) to the your provider.

Different Types of MRI Scans:  In most markets there are Open MRI’s and traditional closed MRI’s. The Open MRI is a nice option if a patient flees uncomfortable in enclosed tight spaces. The Open MRI may not provide the highest power scan that many medical specialists require.

An Open MRI is wider and larger than enclosed MRI and is sometimes recommended for obese patients, those who struggle with claustrophobia. An open MRI typically costs about the same as a conventional MRI, about  $1,000 -$5,000, depending on the parts of the body being examined.

MRI’s are measured in their power rated in the form of Tesla’s. A tesla is a measurement of the magnetic power of the magnet in the  MRI machine.  As good as 1.5–tesla MR images are, they just can’t characterize some subtle abnormalities as well as 3 tesla can.  You may want to ask your physician if a 1.5 tesla MRI done on an Open MRI machine will suffice for the diagnosis they are working on.

What is an MRI with CONTRAST vs Without Contrast: Roughly, about 20% of MRIs are ordered with contrast. MRI contrast is used in specific circumstances and gives the interpreting medical Provider more enhanced  the MRI scan images. Some MRI scans that may require CONTRAST:

History of tumor, cancer, or surgery

Looking for infection, inflammation, or cancer

Evaluating blood vessels

Investigate a finding on the pre-contrast part of the scan

The Contrast Injection

The injection is usually given after some “pre-contrast” MRI scans have been done. The technologist or Radiologist will come into the MRI scan room and move the table out of the MRI machine. He or she will then place a tourniquet around your arm or hand. Using a small butterfly needle or an IV, they’ll inject about 10-20 millimeters of dye into your vein. The needle is removed and you are placed back into the MRI machine for the rest of the scan.

Passing on the Contrast Injection

As a patient, you have the right to be informed and decide how you receive medical treatment. If you are afraid of the injection or potential contrast side effects, you should discuss this with your doctor or the Radiologist at the facility and learn more about why the contrast is being given.

Additional Costs Comparison: 


MRI costs can vary by hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars so it’s important that you shop around to get the best price. For example, listed below are some real examples or MRI procedure prices from around the United States.

Take Dallas, TX for example. Facility A charges $3,624 for a MRI while Facility B charges $2,172 That’s a $1,452 difference! There’s nothing different about the procedure being done but there sure is a difference between he cost of Facility A and Facility B. Take the testing facilities in New York, NY. It’s very similar to the two MRI facilities in Dallas. Facility A cost for an MRI is only $1,785 while Facility B’s cost is $2,199. A difference of $414. It’s like this in every city around the US. Imagine how much money you could save if you called a few more facilities and asked them what they charge for an MRI. It’s up to you to make sure you get the best price. Start calling around today and save money on your MRI procedure.

Disclaimer:   The information contained on this page is for information purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Please consult your physician on any medical conditions, diagnostic testing, or any general medical issue.

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About The MRI

(WebMD) Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a test that uses a magnetic field and pulses of radio wave energy to make pictures of organs and structures inside the body. In many cases MRI gives different information about structures in the body than can be seen with an X-ray, ultrasound, or computed tomography (CT) scan. MRI also may show problems that cannot be seen with other imaging methods.

For an MRI test, the area of the body being studied is placed inside a special machine that contains a strong magnet. Pictures from an MRI scan are digital images that can be saved and stored on a computer for more study. The images also can be reviewed remotely, such as in a clinic or an operating room. In some cases, contrast material may be used during the MRI scan to show certain structures more clearly.

CashMedicalCare.com works with advanced and specialized diagnostic imaging providers. In addition to MRI imaging many of our partner facilities offer digital mammography technology, stereotactic, ultrasound guided and MRI guided breast biopsy and the newest and most advanced mammography technology – 3-D breast tomosynthesis.

CMC works with state-of-the-art MRI technology including 3T Wide Bore MRI scanners which are ideal for those patients who are claustrophobic or are larger in stature. CMC also works with Open MRI options with our without contrast. These are viable options for patients that may feel claustrophobic or prefer a non closed MRI test solution.

All our MRI imaging providers work with certified and experienced subspecialty trained radiologists.  All of our CMC facilities are accredited testing sites with certified technologists and equipment.

Learn more about Magnetic Resonance Imaging at Wikipedia