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Premiums increase

Have you noticed that your health care premiums keep going up?  Not only are you paying more monthly to your insurance company but your deductibles have grown from a couple hundred dollars per year to well over $2,000, $3000 or more.

medical-cost-increase Deductable

CashMedicalCare was started to give you the ultimate power in your health care spending, we are here to level the playing field and give you to the tools and knowledge to ask a simple question…..How Much Is This Going To Cost Me?

For too long the third party payment system has come between you and the care you deserve at a price you can afford.  The insurance industry has spent decades building barriers to price transparency and ensuring you are in the dark on what your care actually costs.

What About Obamacare – Isn’t That Going To Fix All This?

Copay deductThe million dollar question asked at kitchen tables all over America is; what’s Obamacare going to cost my family?  The short answer is that it’s too soon to tell. The plan was passed with 2,100 pages and it’s estimated that another 11,000 pages of administrative regulations has been added. One thing is certain, health care as we know it is changing forever.

Obamacare is built on a couple  concepts; first you can chose the level of coverage for you or your family. These levels are broken down into Platinum -Gold – Silver – Bronze.  The Bronze is the most affordable but it comes with higher deductibles and out of pocket co-pays. The plans cost to you after subsidies,  deductibles and c0-pays are computed based on your annual income.

bronze silver gold obamacare

 Doesn’t High Deductibles and High Co-Pays Go Away Under Obamacare?

Actually for most families to keep health premiums affordable a high deductible and high co-pay plan may be the only option. Most Bronze plans come with a $4000 deductible before the insurance portion kicks in and you’ll be paying for 40% of each visit after the plan’s deductible is met.  The total out of pocket  could run you $12,000 per year. Each family and individual plan is different and everything depends on your age and you annual income but one this is sure, health care is getting more expensive. Below is a break down of a Silver plan with estimated out of pocket expenses and how your annual income will effect your premiums.

CMC Premiums

What About My Doctor?

We’ve worked with Doctors, Nurse Practioners and Medical Providers  day in an day out and they are just as frustrated as you are with the current process. Your Doctor has had years of training in school and in practice.  They know better than anyone what’s important to you and what needs to be done for your care.   There are staff members in a Doctors office that spend all day speaking with insurance companies, advocating on your behalf. Countless hours are wasted getting you the medical test, procedure or prescription that you Doctor feels is best for your care. Insurance companies set up hurdles and a bureaucratic maze that make taking care of you difficult.   Doctors love CashMedicalCare because you now have the power to decide where and how much you want to spend on your care.  With CashMedicalCare you are in charge.

So back to the question at hand…. Why CashMedicalCare?

With all these moving parts and constantly changing insurance terms it’s clear to us that timing is right for a service like CashMedicalCare. CashMedicalCare puts pricing information in your hands. Remember, with higher deductibles and higher co-pays being charged for your care, you are already experiencing the pain of out of pocket medical expenses.

Before you blindly go where your insurance company or government agency tells you to go, shop around!  Who knows better than YOU what YOU need.  Health care choices should be between you and your Doctor.

Want to see what we are in for under the Affordable Care Act?



In order to navigate this maze you have to understand;

In Network

Out of Network




Billing Codes


Out of Pocket

Part D etc.

The hardest thing to understand in American health care today is what something actually costs.